How To Find A Clothing Manufacturer For Your Business In The UK?

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Are you searching for a clothing manufacturer in the UK for your startup or small business? You need to look no further.

How to Find Manufacturers For Clothing Businesses?

Starting a clothing line idea is probably what you already created if you’re reading this. You have a target market in mind as well as, possibly, some clothing designs or ideas for the clothes you want to sell.

So how do you find a clothes manufacturer who is a good fit for your clothing line? The first step is to conduct research. There are many clothing manufacturers, but not all of them will work well with your brand.

You must first choose the kind of apparel you wish to produce for your clothing business. Whether it’s women’s clothes or children’s apparel, etc potential clothing manufacturers for your business should have experience in that particular market.

find a clothing manufacturers

Following the selection of your product line, you can begin looking into clothing manufacturers. To choose the finest manufacturing partner, make sure to look for producers who have expertise in making the kind of apparel you want to sell.

The clothing market is fiercely competitive, with major brands that have deep pockets, celebrity endorsements, and years of expertise dominating the sector. There is no reason why you can’t succeed online, though, as many aspiring fashion entrepreneurs getting growth in e-commerce and boutique apparel lines.

However, if you’re unsure of where to begin or how to find clothing manufacturers for your company read below.

What Qualities Should a Clothing Manufacturer Have?

Before selecting a clothes manufacturer, there are a few things to keep in mind if you’re just starting in the fashion industry. 

Types of Manufacturers

There are several different categories of clothing manufacturers:

Contract Manufacturers: A contract manufacturer is a business that will make your clothes for you, typically to your requirements. This is a fantastic alternative if you only need a small quantity of apparel or if you’re searching for a unique design that is hard to come by.

Private Label Manufacturers: A private label manufacturer is a business that makes clothes for you and labels them with your name. If you don’t care too much about having a distinctive style and you need to get a product to market quickly, this is an excellent solution.

find a clothing manufacturers

Domestic or Overseas Clothing Manufacturer

You must choose between working with domestic manufacturers in your country or region and international manufacturers. Typically, this entails selecting between producers in Asia, the United States, and Europe (typically China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam, India, and Bangladesh). Even though it’s relatively uncommon to discover commercially viable clothing producers in less developed nations, you might be able to make it work if being locally produced is important to you.


Knowing a clothes manufacturer’s minimum order quantity is important when working with them. That refers to the bare minimum of products you must order in a single transaction. The minimum order quantity (MOQ) may be as high as 2,000 pieces. It happens very infrequently for producers to lack a MOQ.

You should be aware of this since you might not have the money to acquire 1500 units of the swimsuit you want to create once you start working with a manufacturer and want to place your first order. Purchasing 2000 pieces of clothing is also a bad decision if you are unsure of your ability to sell them. In this manner, you end up with extra stock that is challenging to shift.

In other words, before you start working with a clothes manufacturer, be sure the MOQ is manageable for you.

find a clothing manufacturers


Attempt before you buy. People want to know what they’re getting before making a purchase, which is why changing rooms are included at apparel stores. It’s the same with your manufacturer.

Make sure you can obtain samples before placing a sizable order if you’re having a manufacturer produce apparel products for your company. This is crucial because you may make tweaks if something isn’t quite right until it is. Imagine receiving an order for hundreds of your designed jackets only to discover that they don’t quite fit right or that the wrong type of button was utilized.

The simplest method to accomplish this is to bring it up in your initial discussion. It’s up to you to convince manufacturers to commit to offering samples right away. Most will be pleased to do so, usually for a small cost.

find a clothing manufacturers

Working Experience With Other Brands 

One of the best ways to gauge a manufacturer’s dependability is through this. Find out from them for which other businesses they have created apparel. Then have a look at those companies’ websites.

Are they effective? What is the quality of their customer reviews? Ask the proprietors of such companies about their experiences dealing with the manufacturer. Have there been any problems? Are they satisfied with the caliber? Nothing gives you the confidence to proceed with a manufacturer like real-world testimonials. Or they can raise red flags that will encourage you to choose a different manufacturer.

Quality Standard

Unfortunately, you can’t simply ask a manufacturer about this in an email and take their word for it. However, you can conduct your investigation by looking up internet reviews of the producer, going to the plant (if it’s possible), and ordering samples.

You should keep in mind that the caliber of your clothing affects your reputation, so you should make sure that your manufacturer creates apparel of a good caliber. Paying a little bit more for goods of superior quality is preferable to jeopardizing your reputation to save a few dollars.

Production Capacity 

You might not consider this until the economy is in the black. You may be preoccupied with getting your first order and generating sales when you first launch your clothes business. But what if sales are brisk and things go better than you had anticipated? Can you expect your garment maker to produce it more swiftly and in greater quantities in the future? This is why you need to inquire about your supplier’s production capability.

Make sure they can increase the level if necessary. Ask the manufacturer how long it will take to complete your order by way of the turnaround time or lead time.

Costs And Fees Of Shipping

It might be simple to ignore fundamental due diligence in the excitement and hustle of starting your clothes business. Asking the manufacturer about any additional fees they may have as well as their shipping charges and lead times only takes a few lines in an email.

Make sure you address this as soon as possible because it is very essential information that can influence whether you choose to engage with that manufacturer or not.

find a clothing manufacturers

Here Are Some Steps To Find A Clothing Manufacturer In The UK

Industry Gatherings

Industry gatherings can be extremely helpful when looking for a reputable and knowledgeable clothes maker. There are many opportunities to network with individuals in the fashion business who can put you in touch with the ideal manufacturer, from small community events to significant trade exhibits.


Google has solutions for all of your issues, including how to locate your clothing producers. Try using search terms like –

“Clothing manufacturers for business”
“How do I find a manufacturer to make clothes?”
“How to find a manufacturer for clothing?” “Clothing manufacturers in the UK,” etc.

But for these search phrases, Google will return hundreds of hits. By visiting each manufacturer’s website and expressing your interest there, you can only decide which one is the best for you.

There is an opposite to that, though. Most of these Indian clothing makers frequently neglect to maintain their websites, which may not provide the most updated information.

Therefore, it is recommended to call and discuss rates, minimum order quantities, and other issues with them.

Online Directories

Online directories and search engines are excellent resources to use while looking for clothing manufacturers for your company. Once you’ve decided on a manufacturer, get in touch with them right away.


Tradeshows for the fashion sector are a gold mine of knowledge for growing your business. You will have the chance to network with the most prosperous business owners, dealers, and leading manufacturers in the sector by going to these exhibitions.

Additionally, it is the greatest location to obtain raw materials for your company. You may get a list of all fashion-related tradeshows in your area on a variety of event platforms on the internet.

In the meanwhile, you can look for fashion and textile suppliers at a few other trade shows. Always check where your items are created because not all of the companies showcased at these events are UK-based.

Consider Other Vendors

If you’ve already found your fabrics and trims, you could wish to inquire with those vendors about possible garment manufacturers.

If they often export fabric to factories, they will be familiar with who is based there and probably be able to suggest who to steer clear of!


Obtaining a suggestion from someone familiar with a manufacturer of quality UK clothes is the best method to find one.

Connect with other UK-based firms you are familiar with to learn who they use to manufacture their goods or contact us and we’ll assist you.

Recognize The Variations Between CMT and Full Service

You could be expecting to find a UK clothing manufacturer who can do everything for you, including sourcing the fabric, private labeling, finding the ideal trims, and even handling the printing.

The truth is that most UK factories function as what are known as Cut Make and Trim (CMT) manufacturers, even while some manufacturers may be able to give a comprehensive service and obtain raw materials for you (depending on the product). They will cut and produce your goods, but you will be responsible for locating all the raw materials. You must check cut and sew manufacturers too.

How Many Clothing Manufacturers Are There In The UK?

The primary engine of the UK’s economy is the textile sector. The nation’s predominance of textile companies is maintained by the production of raw materials, fashion trends, employees who depend on this industry, abundant employment possibilities, and government initiatives. Manufacturing is necessary to meet domestic demand for raw materials and finished items.

From 2008 to 2020, the number of businesses in the UK engaged in the production of clothing. In the UK, there will be 4,068 businesses producing clothing in 2020. 

Here Is The List: Which Companies Make Clothes in The UK?

The UK has a big market for apparel and textiles. The most fashionable and on-trend clothing comes from the UK. The UK textile industry is developing throughout time, and exports are rising. Some of the largest textile companies in the UK are represented here:

  • Fashion Works London

Expert pattern cutting, sampling, and grading are provided by Fashion Works London. The interpretation of fashion design sketches is their specialty.

  • DSA Productions

DSA partners with Chinese manufacturers to provide you with the most affordable prices.

They use seasoned materials, styles, and marks. Any type of clothes, including shirts, workout gear, denim jackets, and many more, can be made.

  • P&P Clothing

Working with some of the biggest brands in the industry, they have developed basic, timeless designs that may be altered in terms of color and fabric or small details to bring more originality.

  • Lucy-Jane

For the product, this is a cutting-edge design and development service. They are aware of Gerber Technology, which provides small sampling facilities close to modernization and mapping facilities.

  • Halcyon Blue

They produce a wide variety of basic clothing, with a focus on materials that stretch. Additionally, they produce simple athletic apparel, sportsmanship, leggings, dancewear, and swimming attire.

  • Fashion Unlimited

In the UK, Unlimited Fashion is one of the biggest producers of clothing. They produce stretch-fabric activewear, intimate clothing, and swimwear.