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We’re the T-shirt manufacturers that you’ve been looking for. With exceptional t-shirt manufacturing capabilities, superior in-house talent, highly advanced machinery and flexible payment, and countless custom t-shirt manufacturing options, we’re known as one of the best t-shirt manufacturers in the UK. We’ve been operating in the T-shirt industry for years now, and we know that T-shirts are the trendiest item in the entire world. Let it be casual wear, formal or informal, T-shirts reflect your stylish look, give you the ability to showcase professionalism, and they’re the perfect choice when it comes to attending formal and social events.


Recognizing the importance of T-shirts in the world, we became the top T-shirt makers in the UK that give small and large size businesses a variety of options to choose from. Affix Apparel is known in the market as a clothing manufacturer that has skilled experts known to craft highly engaging and creative custom T-shirts in the market for all age groups. With a flair for hard work and determination combined with a knack for precision and detail, we meet the rising demand for custom T-shirts and enable our customers to keep on par with the market demands by backing them up with custom tee shirts manufactured so that their customers can always find t-shirts with unique design, high quality and more.

Furthermore, our professionals are knowns as one of the best T-shirt manufacturers in the industry. Their experience of leveraging advanced machines to create custom, compelling and high-end products enable them to save cost, which means you get your custom T-shirts manufactured at the lowest rate possible in the market while guaranteeing the satisfaction of all your manufacturing need. In addition, we’re the t-shirt manufacturers that utilize the highest quality fabric for intuitively crafted designs, stitching, and products that ensure high sales, market acceptance, and customer satisfaction. By choosing Affix Apparel as your T-shirt manufacturer in London, you get the option of customizing the look, material, and feel of your custom T-shirts, but if you want to let the professionals handle the job – that can be arranged as we’re a credible and budget-friendly custom T-shirts manufacturer and we respect your tailored specification. Hence, Affix Apparels builds just the type of product you need to make your name in the market regardless of the quantity. Choose us as your Tee shirt manufacturer today and get the optimal quality, reliability, and product durability that your brand and audience deserve.

Custom T-shirt Manufacturers

A Custom T-Shirt Manufacturer in London UK Like None Other

Finding custom T-shirt manufacturers that offer quality and reliability is difficult. The abundance of custom T-shirt manufacturers in the UK has made it even more difficult to find the best T-shirt manufacturer. Hence, when it comes to hiring a T-shirt manufacturer, most businesses feel lost and consider partnering a time-consuming and lengthy process, let alone one that involves the risk of the T-shirt manufacturer not delivering the order on time, compromising the relationships a brand has with retailers, wholesalers, vendors, and customers. But this approach doesn’t have to be this difficult, right? Enter Affix Apparel, one of the most reliable and credible custom T-shirt manufacturers in the UK – one that offers services, products, timely deliverance, and cost-effectiveness like none other.

Affix Apparel has always been at the forefront of providing quality products to businesses ranging from startups, SMBs, and large-scale Os. We realized a long time ago that different businesses have different expectations from their T-shift manufacturing partner, and those expectations have to be met at all costs to ensure a healthy relationship and lucrative results. For this reason, we offer highly satisfying T-shirt manufacturing services, and for the businesses that want to showcase their name in the market or present themselves in front of their audience as the quality provider that they are, we offer private label services so that the goals of such businesses are achieved at an accelerate and sustainable way.

Moreover, pricing is also a major concern in the post-pandemic world as inflation has taken over several countries, but this surely doesn’t mean that business should come to an abrupt halt, does it?

And this is why we have the most advanced machinery combined with our high expertise and experience in the T-shirt manufacturing domain that enables us to position ourselves as one of the affordable T-shirt manufacturers in the market that offers revolutionary quality to businesses in the form of T-shirts, V-necks, Polo T-shirts, round neck T-shirts and much more. We take responsibility for the fabric, fit, design, color, and quality of the product so that you can focus on your other imperative goals, such as business expansion, scalability, and strategic innovation.

Work with one of the best custom T-shirt manufacturers in the UK today and get uniquely built, in-different, and innovative T-shirts that are all set to set new standards in the market.

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Scale Up Your Production with Custom T-Shirt Manufacturing Service

By understanding your requirements and market demands, analyzing the market you’re targeting, and creating a strategic custom T-shirt manufacturing plan, Affix Apparel as a T-shirt manufacturer leaves no stone unturned to ensure high satisfaction, revolutionary outcomes in the market, and goal-crushing results. Our years of experience as a t-shirt manufacturing firm help us immensely to collaborate and communicate with startups, SMBs, and mega-size organizations globally – enabling them to meet their product quality goals.

Having vast knowledge of different fabrics, colors, design patterns, trends, and much more, our experts arrange meetings with you to not only share our knowledge and how we think you can make a statement in the market but also to understand what your expectations are and how you want to see your product grow in the market. Although there are a lot of factors that determine your success in the market, Affix Apparel makes sure that the ones on our end are met, surpassing the conventional standards in the market. Excelling as one of the best standard and oversized T-shirt manufacturers in the UK, our T-shirt manufacturing procedures have been refined to the point where the risk of error, lag, or challenge has been resolved and mitigated. Today, you can expect high efficiency, quality, reliability, and variety from us – all of which are qualities that you do commonly get from T-shirt manufacturing companies in the UK or even from the best T-shirt manufacturers. However, we, as the custom T-shirt makers, leave the competition in the dust and deliver products that are a result of in-depth market knowledge, research, and designed to satisfy needs.

Our Broad Spectrum of Custom T-shirts

We decided to cover all the aspects of custom T-shirt manufacturing so that our clients do not have to go anywhere else to get their custom T-shirt manufacturing requirements satisfied. As a custom T-shirt manufacturing company that offers various other services as well, we decided to include all kinds of T-shirts in our suite of services. Fast forward to today, we have experience in designing and crafting different kinds of T-shirts, as mentioned earlier, and adjusting them precisely according to our client’s requirements.

Round Neck T-shirts

Custom Round Neck

Vneck Tshirt

Custom V-Neck

Polo T-shirts

Custom Polo

Long Sleeve Shirt

Custom Long Sleeve

On Par with Some of The Most Prominent T-Shirt Manufacturing Companies

Affix Apparel, by providing quality products, and having a high satisfaction rate, experience, and expertise in the industry, has earned a name for itself in the market as the best T-shirt manufacturer in London. Covering all different kinds of custom T-shirt manufacturing, providing an entire solution to the customers, and enabling them to get on part with their competition and even surpass them, in the long run, is what sets us apart from others.

We genuinely care about your brand. Therefore, we ensure that your products instantly remind your customers that they’re choosing the finest piece of clothing and when they read your name on the label, they not only recognize you as the best T-shirt manufacturer but also become your brand ambassador marketing your product to the masses around the globe.