With vast manufacturing capabilities, years of experience in the apparel manufacturing domain, and a skilled workforce, Affix Apparel stands as one of the most innovative and quality-oriented apparel companies in the U.K. Harnessing the power of creativity and technology combined with unparalleled talent, Affix has become a household name in the apparel manufacturing industry that has worked with countless brands, big and small, enabled them to overcome their clothing challenges by operating as an extension of their business and delivering high-quality apparels.

For the services, Affix Apparel offers an end-to-end clothing solution that includes T-shirts, Private Labels, Sportswear, Swimwear, Jackets, Gaiter, Tops, Hoodies manufacturing, and much more. Our main objective as an entrenched apparel manufacturer is to help businesses make an impact on the market with truly revolutionary products. Let it be an SMB trying to make a name for itself in the clothing industry or a large-scale organization looking to expand its product offering; we help both of them surpass their maximum potential and reach through effective strategies and standardized products.

For the quality, Affix Apparel believes in providing businesses with amazing facilities, which include the UK usage of high-quality fabric, our culture of creativity that helps us in coming up with a highly intuitive design, patterns, grading, and more, and our expert team that contributes vastly in personalizing your products according to your target market ensuring maximum sales and revenue let alone growth and scalability for your business.


Unlock the True Potential of Your Business
with Affix

Affix Apparel believes in continual innovation and redefining of trends. At our core, we’re a group of creative individuals with a flair for manufacturing highly comfortable and revolutionary apparel for businesses. We aim to facilitate brands in conquering the clothing domain – we make sure that they reach their true potential by tapping into the three trillion dollar clothing industry and eventually grow to become multi-billion dollar brands.

To facilitate businesses, we offer them highly customizable and flexible options. From the manufacturing of small orders figurative of not more than 50pcs to large orders of 350pcs+, we, as a cut and sew and apparel manufacturing company, deliver the order of our clients on time so that they can launch it on set dates and start generating results. Therefore, regardless of the size of the project, we’re always here to help businesses with our quality-driven process that significantly helps us in manufacturing high-end clothing products. In addition, our experience and expertise in this domain far surpass any other apparel manufacturer, and this is yet another advantage that you get. Our experience also plays a critical role in your success; therefore, when you work with Affix Apparel, you guarantee not only your product’s quality but also customer satisfaction which brings us to our next heading.

We Aim to Help You Set New Standards

Affix Apparel has a standard code of conduct. We are professionals and experts when it comes to apparel manufacturing, and we aim to preach the same conduct and professionalism to our clients as well. A brand’s journey with Affix Apparel is not purely a professional one – it turns into a long-term personal relationship as Affix’s internal teams and founders have to build a culture that gives importance to the stories of different businesses, and helps them to break the conventional clutter, propels them forward and enables them to maximize their revenue and sales by adopting the trendiest and hottest items in the market.

By thoroughly understanding your audience and strategically planning your product’s size, design, fabric, production, and more, we aim to ensure that you set new standards in the market through your products. Call us visionary, but this vision of ours is our NorthStar, and through this approach, we have helped many brands globally to find their innovation sweet spot and scale it to become a well-known and widely recognized name in the clothing industry.

Committed to our core values, Affix Apparel is the manufacturer that ensures much more than just quality products or cost-effectiveness. Our vision is big, and we guide our clients through their product development and achieve success regardless of the region. From the U.S to Australia to Canada to the U.K, our clientele spans different regions and multiple cities in several countries.

We know what customers are looking for when they are about to buy apparel for their loved ones or themselves. Hence, by analyzing the market and communicating the trend and the probability of success to you, we take the conventional customer experience to a whole new level and give you the satisfaction and quality that your brand needs to pivot to a whole new level. You can contact us today and get a rough estimate on your order, or you can simply get in touch with our team and scope your clothing idea to get an expert to advise on what you need to do and how you can do it.